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Computer Cotrol Compression Testing Machine/Compression Tester


Due to the limitations and requirements of test conditions and work efficiency, most manufacturers usually test the carton pressure resistance under normal temperature and humidity conditions, and directly assess whether the product meets the requirements. In fact, there is a large risk of misjudgment in this way, which often misleads the evaluation of the carton supplier or causes the loss of the carton packaging collapse.

In the case of large humidity conditions in the south, if the anti-pressure strength of the non-standard state test can reach the safety anti-stress standard, it means that the carton fully meets the requirements, and the design of the carton is satisfactory; if the carton strength of the test is not There are still two possibilities for achieving safety and stress resistance standards:

The design and production of the carton did not meet the requirements.

The design and production of the carton meet the requirements;

It should be noted that in the case of low humidity conditions in the north, the non-standard state test results are often higher than the safety and pressure resistance requirements, but it does not mean that the standards are met, because in the long-distance logistics conditions, especially the maritime conditions are relatively humid. The test result of the non-standard state should consider that this factor is reflected in the design, otherwise the risk will be difficult to avoid.

Therefore, it is very important to correctly evaluate the results of product testing.

The correct test of the carton compression test machine for product testing process and basic methods First, determine the carton safety against pressure, weight quality indicators standards.

The above two indicators can be obtained by the formula, and the determination of the indicators varies depending on the internal and external sales and storage period. Under special circumstances, if the carton has content support, the appropriate anti-stress index value can be determined according to the actual situation, and the weight quality index must be determined by the formula.

Second, the detection of pre-processing status:

The carton is pre-treated for 24 h under standard test conditions (generally the carton user can be unconditionally tested by an authoritative and impartial testing agency) and retested to bring the moisture of the carton to a dynamic equilibrium state.

Third, the sample extraction notes:

In the trial production stage of the new product, the difference between the sampling sample printing and the die-cutting process and the non-printing and die-cutting strength is about 5-20%, so the state of the sample and the batch product should be kept basically the same.

The sampling of batch products should conform to the principle of statistical probability. After years of practical experience, the sampled samples should be extracted from 6 different packages, which can reduce the risk of misjudgment.

The result is judged:

If the box pressure resistance detected under the standard state has a box force value lower than the pressure resistance index, it can be determined that the batch box is unqualified.

The above method is more operability, and it is of great benefit to improve work efficiency and evaluate the stacking test results more effectively. You may wish to try.

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